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About Tom Durham

Meet Tom Durham, a dedicated community leader with a passion for Scottsdale. Tom brings a wealth of experience and a vision for a vibrant future for our city. 

Committed to smart growth which preserves and enhances Scottsdale's unique character.

Looking out for the betterment of Scottsdale

Tom's thirty-five years of experience as a lawyer have helped him analyze the issues coming before the City. In every case, Tom asks himself “What is best for Scottsdale and its citizens?” He does his homework, reviewing staff reports and asking tough questions of both staff and applicants.


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 #LocalBuzz: Q & A With Scottsdale City Council Candidate Tom Durham

Tom Durham is one of the six top vote-getters in the recent August 4th primary who will continue on as they seek to fill three seats on the City Council on the November 3rd general election.

Councilmember Durham began his first term on the Scottsdale City Council in January 2021.

Councilmember Durham grew up in a small town in Iowa and attended Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude in 1977, with majors in philosophy and history. He has served on Cornell's Board of Trustees for several years and has been elected as Secretary of the College and as chair of various committees.


Tom Durham

For Scottsdale City Council
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Tom Durham

For Scottsdale City Council
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Paid for by Re-Elect Tom Durham. Approved by Tom Durham.


Tom is running for reelection to the Scottsdale City Council because the current Council has had a strong level of achievement over the last three years, and he wants to continue that record. Tom is proud of the work the City Council has done during this term.

  • Adoption and passage of a new General Plan after years of failure 

  • Passage of an anti-discrimination ordinance 

  • Creating a task force to curb problematic short-term rentals 

  • Lobbying the state legislature for additional short-term rental legislation

  • Creating a task force for the long-term financial security of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve 

  • Working towards a sustainability plan for the long-term resilience of Scottsdale 

  • Hiring a new City Clerk and Treasurer 

  • Directing City finances through high inflation and Covid 

  • Monitoring and protecting the City’s water portfolio

  • Increasing the City’s cash reserves

  • Increasing neighborhood notice requirements for new development from 750 feet to 1,250 feet

  • Paying down pension debt

  • Keeping taxes low

  • Strengthening requirements for new development

In deciding issues before the Council, Tom has proceeded pragmatically, focusing on facts and data.

Events & Updates

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